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- Young Stars Flicker Amidst Clouds of Gas and Dust
- Fish of Antarctica Threatened by Climate Change
- Evolution of Staph 'Superbug' Traced Between Humans and Livestock
- Microprocessors from Graphene: Discoveries May Advance Electronic Circuit Technology
- Bees 'Self-Medicate' When Infected With Some Pathogens
- New Research Supports Theory of Extraterrestrial Impact
- On the Path to Age-Defying Therapies
- Quantum Physics Enables Perfectly Secure Cloud Computing
- Spider Web's Strength Lies in More Than Its Silk
- Jumping Droplets Take a Lot of Heat, as Long as It Comes in a Cool Way
- Genetic Variation in Human Gut Viruses Could Be Raw Material for Inner Evolution
- Paint-On Solar Cells Developed
- Robot Reconnoiters Uncharted Terrain
- Toward Better Electronics: Researchers Develop New Way to Oxidize Promising Graphene
- Process Makes Polymers Truly Plastic, Changing Textures On Demand
- Charge Separation in a Molecule Consisting of Two Identical Atoms: Size Matters
- Tycho's Star Shines in Gamma Rays, NASA's Fermi Shows
- New Brain Connections Form in Clusters During Learning
- Researchers Build Transparent, Super-Stretchy Skin-Like Sensor
- Surprise: Protons Bypass Hydrogen Bonds but Still Change Molecules
- T. Rex Has Most Powerful Bite of Any Terrestrial Animal Ever
- Theory of the 'Rotting' Y Chromosome Dealt a Fatal Blow
- Does Antimatter Weigh More, Less or the Same as Matter?
- Genetic Information Migrates from Plant to Plant
- Self-Centered Kids? Blame Their Immature Brains
- Short-Term Memory Is Based On Synchronized Brain Oscillations
- 'Lost World' Discovered Around Antarctic Vents
- Researchers Create More Efficient Hydrogen Fuel Cells
- Astronomers Detect Vast Amounts of Gas and Dust Around Black Hole in Early Universe
- For Fish, Fear Smells Like Sugar
- How Genes Organize the Surface of the Brain
- Specific Antibodies Halt Alzheimer's Disease in Mice
- Genetic Survey of Endangered Antarctic Blue Whales Shows Surprising Diversity
- Solar Storm Seen from Inside and Outside Earth's Magnetosphere
- New Technique Lets Scientists Peer Within Nanoparticles, See Atomic Structure in 3-D
- Millions of Americans at Risk of Flooding as Sea Levels Rise
- Extreme Weather of Last Decade Part of Larger Pattern Linked to Global Warming
- Egg-Producing Stem Cells Isolated from Adult Human Ovaries
- Carbon Dioxide Is 'Driving Fish Crazy'
- Tiny, Implantable Medical Device Can Propel Itself Through Bloodstream
- New Material Can Enhance Energy, Computer, Lighting Technologies
- Born to Roar: Lions' and Tigers' Fearsome Roars Are Due to Their Unusual Vocal Cords
- Picky Females Promote Diversity
- New Robots Can Continuously Map Their Environment With Low-Cost Camera
- First Ultraluminous Source in Andromeda Galaxy Unmasked as 'Normal' Stellar Mass Black Hole
- Hydrogen from Acidic Water: Potential Low Cost Alternative to Platinum for Splitting Water
- Discovery On How Sugars Are Moved Throughout a Plant
- Regular Chocolate Eaters Are Thinner, Evidence Suggests
- Rare Element, Tellurium, Detected for the First Time in Ancient Stars
- Inner Weapons Against Allergies: Gut Bacteria Control Allergic Diseases, Study Suggests
- Giant Asteroid Vesta Likely Cold and Dark Enough for Ice
- Highly Exposed to Phthalates as Fetuses, Female Mice Have Altered Reproductive Lives
- Whole New Meaning for Thinking On Your Feet: Brains of Small Spiders Overflow Into Legs
- Afghans Share Unique Genetic Heritage, DNA Analysis Shows
- Fallout of a Giant Meteorite Strike Revealed in New Model
- Light Created from a Vacuum: Casimir Effect Observed in Superconducting Circuit
- Crucial Advances in 'Brain Reading' Demonstrated
- How Star-Forming Galaxies Evolve Into 'Red and Dead' Elliptical Galaxies
- Land Animals, Ecosystems Walloped After Permian Dieoff
- World's Smallest Vertebrate: Tiny Frogs Discovered in New Guinea
- Toward Twister Forecasting: Scientists Make Progress in Assessing Tornado Seasons
- World's Smallest Frogs Discovered in New Guinea
- Patterns Seen in Spider Silk and Melodies Connected
- Bigger Birds in Central California, Courtesy of Global Climate Change, Study Suggests
- Stratospheric Superbugs Offer New Source of Power
- 'Storm of the Century' May Become 'Storm of the Decade'
- How a Single Gene Mutation Leads to Uncontrolled Obesity
- Fiery Volcano Offers Geologic Glimpse Into Land That Time Forgot
- 'Junk DNA' Defines Differences Between Humans and Chimps
- Tropical Sea Temperatures Influence Melting in Antarctica
- Citizen Scientists Reveal a Bubbly Milky Way
- Tortoise Species Thought to Be Extinct Still Lives, Genetic Analysis Reveals
- Ten-Second Dance of Electrons Is Step Toward Exotic New Computers
- Strange New 'Species' of Ultra-Red Galaxy Discovered
- Electricity and Carbon Dioxide Used to Generate Alternative Fuel
- Growing Without Cell Division: Mechanism Responsible for Cell Polyploidy Pinpointed?
- Quick-Cooking Nanomaterials in Microwave to Make Tomorrow's Air Conditioners
- Rare Miller's Grizzled Langur Rediscovered in Borneo
- Mercury's Surprising Core and Landscape Curiosities
- Early Black Holes Grew Big Eating Cold, Fast Food
- Leaping Lizards and Dinosaurs Inspire Robot Design
- Whiskers Marked Milestone in Evolution of Mammals from Reptiles
- Neuron Memory Key to Taming Chronic Pain, New Research Suggests
- A Battle of the Vampires, 20 Million Years Ago?
- Psychopaths' Brains Show Differences in Structure and Function
- Global Winds Could Explain Record Rains, Tornadoes
- Umbilical Cord Stem Cells Converted Into Brain Support Cells
- New Lightning-Fast, Efficient Nanoscale Data Transmission
- Hospital Tests Reveal the Secrets of an Egyptian Mummy
- How Hemp Got High: Cannabis Genome Mapped
- Ionized Plasmas as Cheap Sterilizers for Developing World
- Artificial 'Womb' Unlocks Secrets of Early Embryo Development
- Form and Function: New MRI Technique to Diagnose or Rule out Alzheimer's Disease
- Study Debunks Myths About Gender and Math Performance
- Energy Harvesting: Wringing More Energy out of Everyday Motions
- Cassini Chronicles Life of Saturn's Giant Storm
- Members of Small Monkey Groups More Likely to Fight for Their Group
- Astronomers Pinpoint Launch of 'Bullets' in a Black Hole's Jet
- New Technique Puts Chemistry Breakthroughs On the Fast Track
- Fossil Raindrop Impressions Imply Greenhouse Gases Loaded Early Atmosphere
- Engineered Bacteria Effectively Target Tumors, Enabling Tumor Imaging Potential in Mice
- Weird World of Water Gets a Little Weirder
- Why Bad Immunity Genes Survive: Study Implicates Arms Race Between Genes and Germs
- Laser Hints at How Universe Got Its Magnetism
- Get Me out of This Slump: Visual Illusions Improve Sports Performance
- Vampire Star Reveals Its Secrets
- How Bacteria Build Homes Inside Healthy Cells
- Galaxy Cluster Hidden in Plain View

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